Introduction to Quanter Elements

Quanter elements are the unit to compose an estimation. As a unit for estimation you can find out a Quanter element for each requirement of your application.

Quanter elements are grouped into several groups and subgroups. These groups and subgroups allow us to represent the requirements of a software application in different categories and subcategories facilitating the access to the information.

An overview of the Quanter groups is the following:

  1. Detailed functionality. Functionality so that we have detailed information.
  2. Set of functionalities. Functionality that we know that exists but we don’t have enough detail.
  3. Non-functional Developments. Activities that do not affect the functionality: database optimization, cosmetic changes, etc.
  4. Parameterization (Functional Group). Parametrization of tables.
  5. Parameterization (Process).  Parametrization of functional processes.
  6. Other activities without development. Tasks that do not need software development.
  7. Additional costs. Other costs associated with the development.

We are going to describe each group and subgroup.